Made By You is an all online timber furniture store. We offer a collection of TV Units, Hallway Tables, Bedside Tables, Bookcases and Desks with options to customise the length or height of any piece. We want it to be simple for you to go online, and buy something to fit your space perfectly, because only you know what uniquely fits. Below outlines our process and materials but if you want to customise anything further we'd love to help you do that too! 

We offer a base collection for you to either order as is, or customise for your space. Our pieces have 280mm (depth) x 42mm (timber thickness) and you can design anything as long or high at 2000mm (2m). The below steps breakdown this process. 

1. Click "Shop all" on the header menu
2. Choose your base design (TV Unit, Bedside Table, Bookcase etc.) to customise
3. Click the drop down menu and choose from our list of loved and recommended dimensions, or customise further by emailing us directly 
4. Order online, for flat pack delivery to your home

We make simple, modern designs, and make them simply. Just timber and screws. While screws keep our furniture strong, and we use matching insert nuts in all our pieces too, to make sure it's just as easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble (no annoying dowel) for when you move. We use the least amount of machinery and shipping necessary to make our pieces which saves money and energy. Less cost to you, less cost to the environment. Strong, easy and quick. 


We use Paulownia timber for all pieces. Paulownia is strong, light weight, termite resistant and has beautiful character. But unlike hardwoods (that can take up to 100 years to grow), Paulownia only takes 10 years to reach maturity, which makes it more renewable. In fact, Paulownia is the fastest growing tree in the world which is why environmentalists call it "The Tree of the Future". We use 100% Australian grown Paulownia from a plantation in NSW, which is important in avoiding deforestation and the destruction of wildlife habitats. Being light weight also helps keep our shipping costs low. We have made a conscious decision to use Paulownia for these reasons. All furniture is then finished with pure Tung Oil which is non-toxic and 100% natural. 

 What's the first thing you do when you receive items in large, thick cardboard packaging? Awkwardly fold it up and put it in the bin. What a waste :( 
That's why we designed specially made 100% Organic Cotton GOTS certified Eco bags for your Made By You furniture to be delivered in.  While we of course protect the furniture inside with custom cardboard ends, they are designed to be small enough for you to keep for future use. Our bags are designed to roll up and used to transport your furniture for next time you move, or even better - repurposed around the house for all sorts of uses in the meantime. We want your furniture to move with you, so we want to keep things easy for you down the track as well (that's why there's a handle, too).