Thanks for visiting Made By You. I'm Anna.

I believe your space is your sanctuary. It's not just where you live, it's where you live. And all the spaces I have ever occupied, have changed with my evolving sense of self. The 11 year old girl who would re-arrange her room every week sometimes just because I needed "the most amount of dancing room" still treats her space and the things I keep around me with a sense of wonder, fun and awe.

Made By You started in 2019, because I couldn’t find the right piece for my living room, at the right length and height for the space. Something that was real timber, tasteful, but wasn’t going to blow my budget. I couldn’t find anything that ticked all the boxes for the space I was putting it in. So, after months of searching - I thought - why isn't it easier to make furniture what you want, since only you know what uniquely fits? I started work immediately to design sustainable, affordable, real timber furniture that was easy to customise, online. As easy to assemble, just as it is to reassemble - so it can move with you (just in case you need more dancing room). 

I truly believe no one knows their space better than you... so why try and fit someone else's furniture into it? Make it what you want, then make it you by displaying meaningful, collected objects from your travels, extensive Virginia Woolf collection, or an embarrassing amount of succulents.

I hope you enjoy our collection as much as I have enjoyed creating it. 

Anna x

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