Hi there,

Thanks for visiting Made By You. I'm Anna.

I believe your space is your sanctuary. It's not just where you live, it's where you live. And all the spaces I have ever occupied, have changed with my evolving sense of self. The 11 year old girl who would re-arrange her room every week sometimes just because I needed "the most amount of dancing room" still treats her space and the things I keep around me with a sense of wonder, fun and awe.

I grew up working in my Dad's power tools and machinery business in Wollongong and always made furniture. I started Made By You in 2019 to bridge the gap between low-end (bad-for-the-environment) chipboard furniture and high-end (custom-made/costly-made) timber joinery and create a true hybrid; solid timber furniture (from the fastest-growing plantation timber in the world), but is designed to be customised and flat-pack delivered to your door.

Sustainable, affordable, real timber furniture that was easy to customise, online. As easy to assemble, just as it is to reassemble - so it can move with you (just in case you need more dancing room). 

I hope you enjoy our collection as much as I have enjoyed creating it. 

Anna x

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